Heel In Holidays: The Dolce & Gabbana Way

Fashion is more than just beautiful clothes; Fashion is everywhere and it says something about us, our lifestyle, our generation and times we live in. For a Dolce and Gabbana woman, fashion is all about embracing and celebrating their rich Italian culture, tradition, religion and history that’s deep rooted in their passionate love for their family, women in their lives, mother, fashion, beauty, architecture, nature, fun and living life to the fullest.  The designs incorporate strong, sensual, opulent, rich, glamorous, lady-like and playful elements that make the brand unique and one of a kind. 



Heel In Holidays: The Dolce & Gabbana Way


The whole spirit of christmas ties in beautifully with the design concept of Dolce and Gabbana and the spirit of their brand so I decided to pick up a few pieces from their Fall / Winter 2015 collection to share with you. Here is my Christmas / Holiday wish list with my favorite pieces from the Dolce and Gabbana Fall / Winter 2015 Collection



Dark Angel

Mostly a black based set with a few red pieces, this set is filled with pieces with classic clean-cut silhouettes with intricate rose prints or sequin work, and a few red accent pieces such as the Sicily tote and velvet pumps to add interest. The Sicily bag is the key piece that brings the outfit together. This set radiates classic elegance and sophistication with shimmering blooms singing tales of nurturing love and passion.



Sequins Embroidered Rose Dress, Sicily Tote, Kate’ Pumps


Black Rose Appliqué Dress, Sicily Tote, Red Velvet Slingback Pumps


Kate’ Pumps, Black Amore Detailing Sweater, Black Rose Print Pencil Skirt, Large ‘Sicily’ Tote

Wild Blush

This set is all about celebrating fresh youthful and wildly creative spirit yet being well-rooted in family, tradition and culture to wither any storm.



Nude Rose Print Appliqué Dress, Small Sicily Tote, Kate’ Pumps


Pink Rose Patch Tulle Dress, Small Sicily Tote, Red Velvet Slingback Pumps



As Gold As It Gets

This set is all about celebrating classic and gilded lady-like glamour. Intricate fabrics such as brocades and jacquards in rich gold tones and detailed stone embellishments coupled with classic shapes displays wearer’s love for costume history, traditions and rich culture.



Gold-tone Brocade Dress , Medium ‘Sicily’ Tote, Pink ‘Vally’ Pumps



Rosy Outlook

This set is for someone who loves everything about the coast – water, clear blue skies, fun, breezy fashion and the whole getaway spirit. It’s a nice way to end the year for all the global urban gypsy hearted out there who frequently dream about farfetched places and the unique one-of-a-kind memorable experiences they bring in.



Heel In Holidays: The Dolce & Gabbana Way: Grey Rose Print Shirt Dress, Sicily Tote, Black Lipstick Heel Mary Jane Pumps



Hope you like my wish list and they inspire you to create our own. You can find all the pieces on the list on Farfetch‘s website. Happy Holidays 🙂


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