Healin’ Beauty – Odacite Skincare Serum Review

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Our skin is constantly bombarded with many harsh external and internal factors that are out of our control and these take a huge toll on the overall health of our skin. While we can’t control these factors, which includes – weather, stress, pollution, changing hormones, sleep, diet, environmental toxins etc., we could address these issues with lifestyle changes and a good skincare line like Odacite.



Healin' Beauty - Odacite Review

Healin’ Beauty – Odacite Review



Odacite is a high-end luxury skincare line founded by Valerie Gradury, a French born breast cancer survivor. She began formulating her skincare products after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her desire was to create a powerful skincare line that combines the knowledge of ancient medicinal plants with modern science, backed by research and clinical studies.


Odacite offers 18 serum concentrates to address each specific skin issue in an ultra-targeted way so you can achieve remarkable results within a short period of time. The serums are so concentrated that it just takes a couple of drops (2-3) to achieve noticeable results. You can use the serums alone or add it to your creams to supercharge it.


Odacite serums come with a very handy chart to figure out the perfect blends you need to target all your skin issues. The way you choose your serum is – 1) you figure out the type of skin you have the usual way (oily, combination, dry, anti-aging etc) then 2) figure of what area needs attention and the depth of your problem, and finally 3) go through the chart and locate your perfect blend to target your skin issue. The chart below might give a good idea –



Healin' Beauty - Odacite Review

Healin’ Beauty – Odacite Review


The serums also come with a origin chart so you know where exactly your ingredients are from, extraction methods used, and also the cultivation methods used to grow them. The origin chart  comes with an origin number and it has instructions on how you can use the number to figure out the complete details about the source of your ingredients including 1) extraction method (cold pressed filtered or cold pressed virgin for example), 2) cultivation method (organic or wild crafted for example), 3) continent origin of the ingredients, and 4) country origin of the elements. See the chart below to get a good idea – 



Healin' Beauty - Odacite Review

Healin’ Beauty – Odacite Review


These charts contain so much information in such a small space that you can easily tell how much thought went into making these charts. I have never seen any luxury skincare based company include so much details about all their ingredients in their pamphlet, and in an extremely easy-to-read way!  I always see some ingredients on the product list and go “where are these ingredients from? And, how are they extracted or cultivated?”. Well, with this company, you don’t have to wonder because it’s all in there.




Duration Of Use – 6 months and three bottles. I almost always take 2 months – 2 years to test all the products I review before uploading it here. I can be extremely picky and tend to stick with what works for a long period of time. If I do experiment, it’s usually once or may be twice a year so you won’t see a ton of beauty reviews on this blog. I believe that long-term consistency and commitment is extremely important for sustainable results so I don’t use anything and everything that comes my way. 


Texture and Scent – It’s not greasy or oily. It’s like a well-balanced serum that just soaks up into your skin leaving no trace behind. You are left with nothing but a beautiful glow so you could use it anytime I guess, even during the day under your makeup (If you wear it. I don’t). It smells really good and the scent is pretty addictive.


Results – I didn’t see any huge changes but then I don’t have a lot of wrinkles so I can’t tell if it’s working. I’m just using this to add some radiance, a little hydration and prevent future problems. It does induce a beautiful glow and feels really good on the skin. 


Price – It’s pretty expensive for such a small amount of product I think. These serums might last may be for about 2 months with careful use. I guess quality products are expensive and you get what you pay for. If you have the money to splurge then splurge away. If you don’t, then that’s fine because there are plenty of other options out there that are more affordable and still effective.


Conclusion – Overall, these products are extremely luxurious, smell amazing and work extremely well to lend a beautiful glow to your skin. They also feel great to use. I would definitely buy them on a regular basis if I could afford easily. I love that they come in dark bottles and doesn’t let light in because light can dilute or destroy the effectiveness of the serums. 


If this review was helpful, let me know in your comments below.  Have a wonderful rest of the week. 😉



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