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With Thanksgiving and holidays coming up, personal touches that focus on making family bonds stronger and more memorable take precedence over everything. Products that improve the quality of time you spend with your family or make enduring and memorable gifts would be forever remembered as great finds. Products from an online store called Joyus do just that. The curators at Joyus scout around to find the most unique, thoughtful, meaningful, stylish and effective products in the market to sell in their online store. They keep up with all the latest trends in ingredients, brands, formulations and styles so you can count on them to find the most effective, buzz-worthy and stylish products in the market for you without you having to do all the work. Here are a few products from them that can make your thanksgiving or holiday events delightful and special. 

Perfect Placemats – Beautiful thanksgiving appropriate disposable placemat collection that can be thrown away  is a perfect solution for family focussed holidays like thanksgiving when spending time with family is more important than cleaning up after the meal. Check out these cool Turkey placemats from Joyus here. For a video clip featuring these placemats, click here


Stamp with love – How about some personalized stamps for your holiday invitations?  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  The three designing women photo stamps make the invitations more fun and family themed. Create a stamp with your favorite family photo to use on all your holiday invitations. For a video clip featuring these stamps, click here

Hearty Cards –  Try the greeting card collage kit with natural and non – toxic safe paints that can be planted to grow beautiful wildflowers. The set includes four paint packets, two mixing tins, eight 100% recycled paper cards with wildflower seeds, eight 100% recycled paper envelopes, one bamboo brush and assorted natural collage materials. These textured custom made personal cards will touch hearts and make your invitations or holiday wishes super special. If you have kids, let them paint to add that adorable kid touches to make the cards more personal. You can also just buy the paint set and paint on any cards. For a video featuring the greeting card collage kit and the paint set, click here or watch below. 

Joyous also carry tools to make the perfect Turkey, space saving serving tiers for your holiday tables, wine accessories and other products to make your holiday celebrations enjoyable and fuss free. If you are looking for great gifts, this might be a great place to shop for the holidays. They carry amazing brands with interesting philosophy such as KahinaJan MariniYoungbloodVapour OrganicsRahuaJaponesque100 % Pure and Suntegrity so you can always find something unique and special.

Have you heard of Joyus? Have you shopped here? What products have you bought from here?  Do they carry any of your favorite products or brands? 

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    the cards look amazing! i like making my own and now i have to put that into my program too 🙂
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    Impressive joyus, i love those personalized stamps and.the quote:)

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