Heelin’ Beauty – 2018 Spring / Summer Beauty Favorites

Favorite Beauty Looks From Spring / Summer 2018 Runways


There were so many fresh and exciting looks in the beauty category on the Spring / Summer 2018 runways but only a few of them are easier to adopt in real life. Here are some of the looks that you can try this coming spring / summer season without having to buy too many new products that are toxic and unhealthy for you and the planet we live in. You can also find these enduring hues, textures and products in the natural brands category and don’t have to throw them out after the season is over.





Bold looks are perfect for night outs and special events but might be too harsh for the day. Here are some of the bold makeup trends I love from the Spring / Summer 2018 runways that doesn’t require you to buy some flashy new product that you’ll be forced to throw out after one season. 



Bold Lips & Smoky Eyes


Temperley London, Max Mara, Sies Marjan, Alberta Ferretti, Dennis Basso, Emporio Armani 


Bold Lips is a classic, easy to wear and statement making look. The seasons way is to pair bold lips with lavender something, may be a lavender dress or a pair of lavender sunglasses. You can go for bold reds, bold pinks (as seen on Gucci shows) or bold purple (Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year). Bold lips were paired with clean faces and clean non-madeup eyes on the runways which is pretty easy to replicate in real life. 


Smoky eyes is another classic you can try. If you’re bored with black then try colors such as navy, shimmery emerald or shimmery grays. The look goes perfectly with nude lavender or mauve lips.



Feline Eyes & Ocean Hues


Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tadashi Shoji, Topshop Unique, Topshop Unique


Feline eyes, another trend that doesn’t need you to go out and buy a new product. You could use any black liquid liner to create these above looks. There were many cat-eye versions on the S / S 2018 runways from unfilled with borders-only to thick thumb-print edged ones (Tom Ford). 


If you love ocean hues, you can try mermaid eyes with shimmery teal, turquoise and emerald. Line your lash line and waterline or create a subtle and appealing feline shaped eyes. 





Lavender & Desert Hues


Topshop Unique, Tory Burch, Topsop Unique, Colovos, Mila Schön, Michael Costello


Lavender and Lilac hues were everywhere on the Spring / Summer 2018 runways – from outfits, shoes and accessories to beauty. Play with this hue; use it on eyes and lips. You can try matte or shimmery finishes.


Desert hues such as peach sand, golden peach, nude peach and peach in many forms were popular on the S / S 2018 runways. You can try smoky eyes, wet and glossy, or matte and sandy washes on the lids. You can also pair it with white highlighters to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes.


Hope this inspires you to try something new for 2018. What are your favorite beauty trends from Spring / Summer 2018 runways?  Which beauty trends mentioned here would you try this season? 


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“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

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