Healin’ Health: How A Strong Personality Can Improve Your Health

How A Strong Personality Can Improve Your Health

My teen son and I had a talk today about having a strong personality and it started with my son asking about this very shy kid that he knows in school. He told me this guy always has his head covered in a hoodie, his head down almost always, hunched back and hardly talks to anyone. He comes across as a very shy and ‘not so confident’ type of person. That used to be me growing up and I was always told I was too shy and that I was the type of person who didn’t have a voice of my own.


If you are an Echoist, a word pitched by Dr. Craig Malkin, a licensed psychologist, you might relate to this behavior. You’re scared to express your views, opinions, needs or disappointments and tend to bury them inside because you’ve always been made to feel like nothing you say matters. When kids are brought up in an environment surrounded by overly controlling narcissists, they don’t tend to have their own voice. They build a shell around themselves so they can avoid getting into trouble. They follow rules blindly like a string puppet or a programmed robot and when something goes wrong, they look inward and blame themselves for being difficult and upsetting others. This is not a sustainable state and eventually causes a lot of stress and adrenal fatigue in kids and might affect their well-being in every aspect of life. So, helping your kids develop a strong personality is extremely important and it should start from a very young age. If you’re already am adult, there is still hope. 


According to an article I read recently by Dr. Lam  on his website, developing a strong personality might help increase self-confidence, emotional stability, and help you to manage stress more effectively.



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Strong personalities in general are better communicators , better problem solvers, better decision makers, better leaders, have better relationships, and tend to deal with stressful situations better, which means they are less prone to adrenal fatigue issues.


When Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome kicks in, you might develop symptoms such as weight gain, body aches and pains, memory problems, irritability, difficulty concentrating, allergies, depression, anxiety and more. A bad lifestyle can further worsen this condition. Adrenal problems can lead to other problems such as  reproductive, thyroid issues and many deficiencies in the body so it’s better to be careful than sorry.


How can you deal with this Adrenal issues?  Adopting a healthy lifestyle and cultivating a strong personality can help you deal with this issue and heal from it. By adopting a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising, sleeping well, meditating, nourishing yourself with a healthy diet, maintaining a positive attitude, building a supportive social circle, and nurturing yourself inside out can help kickstart that healing process. Some vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, fish oil, zinc, melatonin, essential oils and adaptogenic herbs can help as well. According to Dr. Lam, cultivating strong personality traits can make a big difference in dealing with adrenal issues.


Many societies in general, bring up their women up to have weaker personalities where they are constantly worried about making everyone around them happy, never focussing on their own needs or issues, never speaking clearly, never saying ‘No’, never making their own decisions, often resorting to passive-agressive ways of communication such as silent treatments or vague messages, over sacrificing and then panicking, avoiding problems, never trying to solve problems, triangulaing etc. This leads to more confusion, anxiety, worries, lack of confidence, lower self-esteem, roller-coaster relationships, broken dreams, and ultimately, serious health issues! 


Strong doesn’t mean dominating personality, there is a big difference between the two. Strong ones don’t make excuses, they focus on problem solving without making personal attacks, they are well informed and thoughtful,  communicate clearly, can say ‘no’ politely, look for compromise or mutually beneficial options, don’t let others judge them blindly and label them, don’t let others make their decisions, would rather talk about ideas than people, not attention seeking, listen with care to retain information, and don’t let fear or insecurity cripple them from moving forward or taking risks in life. For more information, go over to Dr. Lam’s website and Lifehack. People don’t take adrenal issues seriously but I think they should because it’s connected to your most important hormones like thyroid and can mess up your entire body.  Hope this helps 🙂


Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.

Brené Brown



Dr. Lam


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  1. October 15, 2017 at 9:10 am

    very interesting and important post! thanks for sharing it!

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    • October 16, 2017 at 4:39 pm

      Thanks Lyosha! I’m glad you agree that it is important. I have been through some serious adrenal issues a few times in my life and the tips I have on this post is what I do to recover from it. Hope it helps others too. 🙂 xx

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