Healin’ Brand: Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Sweets

Maker of Gluten-free, Gmo-free, and Whole Organic Sweets

Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Bakery, is a small privately held company located in California, dedicated to offering healthy and delicious gluten-free sweets to anyone interested in healthier version of sweets.


Lila, head baker of Lilajay’s, had a love for baking that started at an extremely early age of eight. Lila was forced to rethink her vision for baking when her little brother developed an allergy to gluten, which led her to a path filled with adventures in gluten-free baking. Her Specialties are Brownies and Madeleines.


Lilajay's Sweets

Healin’ Brand: Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Sweets




Thanks to Lila, our family had the opportunity to try her truly scrumptious and absolutely delicious gluten-free sweet treats. We were extremely impressed with her sweets, packaging, customer service, and most of all, Lila herself! Here are some of our reasons why you should try her sweets –


Cute Packaging – The packaging is simple, clean and cute with a beautiful semi-transparent pink ribbon tied around it.  It has an adorable vintage look and feel to it.




Healin’ Brand: Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Sweets



High Quality Ingredients – Lila is extremely dedicated to sourcing the best organic, gmo-free, gluten free, fair trade and whole ingredients to use in her recipes. She uses organic evaporated cane sugars, organic brown sugars, mediterranean sea salt, gluten-free flour mix made from nut and gluten-free grains, organic butter, organic eggs etc. in her recipes. There is a negligible amount of sweet white rice and potato starch in her creations, but they are on the end of the list and used in tiny quantities. Overall, her ingredient lists are simple, clean and healthy, and your kids will enjoy them.



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Healin’ Brand: Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Sweets



Lovely Customer Service – Lila is such a sweet, kind, thoughtful and lovely person to interact with. She focusses on honesty and being super transparent about all the ingredients used in her delicious creations. She answered all our questions patiently with absolute kindness and was extremely pleasant to interact with. Her cookies even came with a personally signed card and with instructions on how to elevate the tasting experience of her cookies (which is basically storing the cookies in the fridge right away and thawing them before you are ready to eat). She keeps up her word on deliveries so that’s a good thing when you order for parties or events because reliability becomes such a big concern for special events.





Healthy and Delicious – Being organic, gmo free, whole, and gluten free, these sweets are not only healthy and nutritious for you and your family, but also delicious and yummy.


Fair Trade – Lila places high importance on fair trade which is another plus factor to think about.




Healin’ Brand: Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-Free Sweets



Do check out her company, Lilajay’s Ridiculously Good Gluten-free Sweets. And, if you are in California, keep her in mind for special events such as birthdays, office events or anniversaries.


Note – Her Cookies are not vegan or raw. And, almost all of her creations have some dairy based products in them such as organic butter. They also contain nuts and eggs (if you have nut or egg allergies, you might want to think about that). Lila is working on creating her own new line of vegan and raw goodies so keep an eye out for these treats.  


Our kids are extremely picky and really tough critics so we were surprised to see how highly they rated Lilajay’s cookies. While most of them got 8 – 10 rating, Original O’reallyz and Chocolate Chip turned out to be their favorites.  


Overall, our kids who tested out the cookies were extremely happy and pleased with the company’s products and would highly recommend them to you. 🙂


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