Healin’ Brand: Derma e® Review

Derma e® Purifying Line Review

Founded in 1984, Derma e® is known for creating one of the most innovative and effective natural skincare products available in the market using time-tested natural ingredients combined with the latest scientific research. Derma e® also focusses on holding the highest ethical standards when it comes to animals and our environment.


Healin' Brand: Derma e® Review

Healin’ Brand: Derma e® Review


Incorporating serious science backed ingredients such as Vitamin A, C and E to Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Pycnogenol, Astaxanthin etc., it’s like Skinceuticals or Obagi of the natural market to me.

Thanks to Derma e®, I got to test their purifying range of products. This is their detoxifying and purifying range with powerful natural ingredients such as detoxifying clays and charcoal along with mineral rich seaweeds. I have been testing this range for about three months now, and  here is my review on it –


Purifying Charcoal Mask

Derma e® purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask deeply detoxifies and exfoliates the skin for a clearer, healthier and more radiant complexion. Incorporating detoxifying natural clays and charcoal, exfoliating apricot seed powder, and nourishing seaweeds such as Kimarine® wakame and bladderwack, this mask is a multitasking product that is perfect for busy people who want skincare products that are not only effective but also versatile and don’t take up a lot of their time.

What to expect: This is a 2-in-1 product with a unique texture and feel that seems like a blend between a mask and a scrub. It goes on blue-black and dries up to a paler blue color. The drying time is pretty quick and it dries within seconds. The mask is supposed to be kept on the face for 5 mins and then you scrub it off lightly with a little water to exfoliate followed by washing it off completely. You feel  cleaner and fresher after using the mask.

Results: detoxifies, decongests the pores, exfoliates the skin, protects against environmental damage, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Texture and Color:  Gritty clay that dries up within few seconds.Goes on blue-black and dries to a paler blue color.

Scent: Barely detectable

Power Ingredients: Clays, Charcoal, Apricot powder and Seaweeds (Kimarine® wakame and bladderwack). 

Processing Time: 5 minutes


Purifying Scrub 

This daily scrub contains powerful and amazing ingredients derived from land and sea, including the marine algae and charcoal to scrub away environmental pollutants, detoxify and nourish skin for a radiant and clean complexion. 


What to expect: Goes on with a creamy – slightly gritty feel and feels minty fresh while it stays on the skin. The scrub washes off clean to leave behind a clean, fresh and refreshingly smooth feeling on the skin.  

Results: Exfoliates, detoxifies and nourishes skin for a clean, smooth and refreshingly radiant skin.  

Color and Texture: Black, creamy and slightly gritty. The scrub reminds me of old St. Ives apricot scrub when it comes to creaminess and gritty texture.

Scent: Barely there scent. I would call it fruity but it’s barely there and it’s hard to detect it.

Power Ingredients: Marine seaweeds, charcoal and apricot powder.

Processing Time: 2-5 minutes


 Purifying Gel Cleanser

This is a black gel based cleanser with a creamy feel. Made with some of the most powerful ingredients derived from land and sea, including mineral rich seaweeds such as the wakame, detoxifying earth clays and charcoal, this fragrance free and ph balanced cleanser works hard to lather away sweat, oil and toxin buildup for a clean, refreshed and glowing complexion.

What to expect: This is a black colored gel cleanser that foams well and leaves skin clean and refreshed.

Results: Leaves skin clean and refreshed with no tautness or greasy after feel. 

Texture and Color:  Black and gel texture.

Scent: Barely there scent

Power Ingredients:  Kimarine® Wakame, is a potassium-rich, magnesium-rich seaweed that is clinically proven to protect skin against environmental pollutants.


Purifying Serum 


This concentrated serum with mineral rich marine algae and green tea helps shield skin against environmental and age damage to protect and revitalizes skin.


What to expect:  This serum is a light creamy serum that dries to a silky smooth finish with no great after-feel. This serum serves as a great base for makeup or can be layered with a moisturizer or sunblock. 

Results: This serum is super light and leaves your skin with a smooth silky finish with no greasy after feel.  

Texture and Color: This is a white creamy serum that goes on light and dries to a smooth silky finish. 

Scent: Barely there scent. 

Power Ingredients: Marine algae and green tea. 


Overall View: While, I liked the whole range, some of my favorite products from this range include the scrub, cleanser and the mask, which I would definitely buy again. The mask and scrub feels perfect for summer! 

Safety: This range has ingredients that fall mostly into 1-3 range on EWG rating scale, with two or three ingredients that fall into 3-4 range such as Phenoxyethanol. Overall, this brand is pretty clean and much safer than many natural brands on the market.

Skin Type: This range can be used by anybody but I think it might be more suitable for teenagers or young adults with normal, combination to oily skin. 

Available: Ulta, Whole Foods and many natural food stores. You can find it on many online stores such as drugstore.com or amazon as well. 


Hope this review gives you all a good picture of what to expect from this brand and its products. Have you tried this brand?  Would you try this brand? Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think. 


P.S. –  The products were sent to me for review but all the views / opinions shared here are completely my own and based on my real experience, good research and well-examined thoughts. 


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